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Why Knight Rider

In a time where home computers were rare and incredibly expensive, where there were no mobile phones, no GPS system, no videocall, no one knew about the Internet and regular cars were ugly, there was a special TV show that would make every kid and family religiously sit in front of the TV.

This show was Knight Rider. A gorgeous black car, equipped with an artificial intelligence computer and lots of futuristic technology, could talk, think, drive by itself and perform amazing stunts.

It was the early 80's and everyone could live without cell phones and computers. But, in Knight Rider, it was already possible to make a videocall or even play video games inside the car. How cool was that? At that time, incredibly cool! There was nothing like it.

Many of today's technologies, like onboard computer, gps, distance sensors, automatic brakes, concealed video cameras and mobile communications were, somehow, featured in the show. In fact, the show inspired car manufacturers with ideas for new car models.

Knight Rider is one of the most iconic TV Series of all time. The show aired in more than 80 countries and still enjoys repeat airings every now and then.


Knight Industries Two Thousand (K.I.T.T.) is the name of the computer installed inside the highly advanced automobile - a 1982 Pontiac Trans AM specially customized for the show. With it's thinking and talking capabilities, KITT has a personality of its own and is one of the shows main characters.

Although KITT is the computer, people generally associate the name with the car as whole.

KITT replicas

Along the years, fans arround the world bought Pontiacs Trans Am and created their own replicas of KITT.

Rebecca with Catherine Hickland, Michael Scheffe and fan Kayleigh Symes
KITT replicas and Rebecca Holden (on the left) at KnightCon 2010

One of these replicas owner is Alex Wong. Here's a video of him driving his replica in a parking garage.

And here's another fine example (pictures included) of the steps taken to build an exact replica.

For more about the supercar, please visit Wikipedia's KITT page.

Knight Rider featured songs

"The series had a strong musical connection, the theme tune has been sampled and remixed a number of times, and episodes featured popular music tracks as well as original compositions." --in wikipedia

While watching the show, it is common to wonder about certains songs. The show features really good music from the 80's and the 70's, specially Country, Rock and Pop songs.

Being a fan of this type of music, I'm currently compiling a list of all songs featured in Knight Rider. Check it out.

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